Wave Purger
Wave Purger Magic



Nami Pāja Mahō


Lost Magic



Wave Purger Magic (波パージャ魔法, Nami Pāja Mahō) is a type of Lost Caster Magic used by Yuuma of the Phoenix Feather Guild. It allows him to incorporate the element of water into his body. It's extremely powerful with a Aqua/Water Devil, Dragon, Phoenix or God Slayer


Wave Purger Magic grants Yuuma the ability to incorporate the element of Water into his body. As a Purger, he can partially become a large torrent of water and is capable of producing an almost inexhaustible amount of water as long as he has the magical energy to do so. Wave Release have a unique feature of being more cohesive than that of standard Water Magic, as the salinity of the water is thick enough to keep it together and give it the texture of quicklime, allowing it to hit with a much stronger impact than one would expect and allows the water to become much harder to evaporate with Fire Magic.


Wave Purger's Howl:

Wave Purger's Seal:This spell allows Yuuma to utilize the water he produces to create several floating kanji symbols that then begin to seep into the opponent's body and upon enterng the opponent's bodies, the salt found in the water begins to overtake the foe's body causing them to begin to dehydrate at a rapid pace and restricts their movements. Although it is slow to take effect, this spell is extremely effective and quite difficult to break.

Wave Purger's Tide: Yuuma is able to teleport himself or anyone he touches to another location by dissolving into water. The ability can be used without predefined locations and without prior notification. It can also be used to transport only parts of his body elsewhere, leaving him visible to opponents but impervious to attack. The downfall to this, is that he is limited to using it three times a day, due to the strain it causes on his magical energy.

Wave Purger's Cry of Mercury: Yuuma forms his water around him in a large quantity before large waves begin to appear as if it were a wall and then crashes down forming a whirlpool. He stands in the middle of it, as the water from the whirlpool circles around him in the air like a giant swing. The watery energy then starts to gather in Yuuma's hands, forming a sphere in the form of its namesake planet, so the attack can almost become complete. He then brings his left hand towards the planet-shaped energy projectile, then holds it with both hands, opening his legs a bit, then puts them back together as the energy continued to gather from the whirlpool. Then, he quickly brings his left hand down, firing the planet-shaped energy projectile that looks like a large lance as it flies towards an opponent. The glowing sphere of watery energy flies slightly downward, then it re-appears, crashing through nine ocean waves, going directly at his intended target.