Totem Magic is a type of Caster MagicHuman Possession and Transformation Magic related to the use of 12 magic statues. 

Totem Magic

トテム マジク


Caster Magic


Human Possession




Totem Magic is a type of Seith Magic, and a branch of Human Possession. By using Human Possession on themselves the user transfers their own soul into one of twelve magic statues which can come with several different effects depending on the statue and the magic of the user. While their soul is inside their statue they must make sure their regular body is out of harms way, or they could be stuck in their statue forever. While in their statue form, the user typically is stationary, and simply levitates, but some very skilled users have figured out how to make their statues move while possessing them. (Similar to Titan Magic)


Name Magic User
Su Jeiredo, Statue of Restraint Light Magic (none)
Su Guraringu, Statue of Sucking Vacuum Magic (none)
Su Komupasu, Statue of Direction Gravity Magic (none)
Su Aisu, Statue of The Frost Ice Magic (none)
Su Furasu, Statue of Speed Velocity Magic (none)
Su Asinto, Statue of Flames Magma-Make (none)
Su Buroku, Statue of Boundaries Reflector (none)
Su Suto-mu, Statue of Weather Wind Magic (none)
Su Kuryusaa, Statue of The Desert Dust-Make (none)
Su Sutingu, Statue of Piercing Breaking Magic (none)
Su Furaiteningu, Statue of Darkness Darkness Magic (none)
Su Buraito, Statue of Planets Cosmic Magic (none)