Storm Magic (嵐魔法 Arashi Mahō) is a specialised caster type magic which allows The User a slight dominance over existing lightning currents and clouds by directing her magic into the sky, and fusing it with any existing lightning clouds and lightning. Doing this, Nelliel's magical power is also given the ability to create her own lightning clouds and lightning bolts, albeit these are unable to achieve the immense power actual lightning has, but are enough to give her an advantage in battle. 

Storm Magic







Sierra's SpellsEdit

  • Hiraishin (避雷針 Lightning Rod) is a powerful spell which directs a large amount of existing lightning from the air and channels it to her own body in a circular formation, combined with her steel magic, she is able to channel this lightning throughout her body, and cause severe damage to any other opponents near her area. This spell, although powerful, tires her out very quickly.

Rayven's Spells

  • Rain Tendril Attack (巻きひげ攻撃雨 Makihige kōgeki ame) Raven hold up a hand, and a medium-sized cloud appears above her head. It starts pouring rain, and Raven bends the rain to flow around her, similar to a tendril, then sends it at her target.
  • Snow Spiral (雪のスパイラル Yuki no supairaru) A dark cloud forms above Ravens head, and snow falls down upon her. She holds out her hands, spiraling around her hands. She then spins her hands in a clockwise motion, sending a tornado of snow at knocking the target back.
  • Crystal Hail Attack (クリスタル雹アタック Kurisutaru hyō atakku) Two wings made of hail sprout from Raven's back, then cover her face and upper body. The wings then shoot out crystals, puncturing the opponent. The wings also protect her from attacks. This counts as a offensive and defensive attack.
  • Cloud of The Body (ボディの雲 Bodi no kumo) Raven holds out her hands then sends out a large amount of clouds, which then stick to the body of the target. In a matter of seconds, electricity comes from each cloud that stuck, electrocuting the opponent.
  • Storm Bringer (ストームブリンガー Sutōmuburingā) An offensive spell in which Raven moves her hand in a pattern, manipulating the surrounding wind and releasing it as a tornado towards the target. Once this tornado reaches the target, it spins and sends them flying. This is not technically storm magic, but since Raven can manipulate Tornados, she can use this spell.
  • Water Magic Palm (ウォーターマジックパーム U~ōtāmajikkupāmu) Raven claps her hands together, and water covers all of her hands, then she crosses her arms in an X pattern, and sends two streams of water at her opponent.
  • Lightning Strike (ライトニングストライク Raitoningusutoraiku) Raven holds up her hands, then a dark cloud hovers above her head. The cloud slowly becomes electric, then a large lightning bolt strikes the opponent. Then thunder is heard, shaking the ground underneath the target.