Shadow Magic (陰魔法 Kage Mahō) is a Caster Type Magic that utilizes shadows.


User can use this Magic to bend his/her own shadow to suit his/her own needs, giving Shadow Magic a great deal of flexibility. A skilled user can also merge with his/her shadow and the shadow of others, which provides a stealthy method of transportation.


Shadow fist
Shadow Magic



Kage Mahō


Caster Magic


Alexander Doomkaiser

  • Shadow Form: A spell in which the user transform his body into a shadow, granting him the ability to move around surfaces. The user can come out of this form as he pleases.
  • Knuckle Shadow: User shapes his shadow into fist to punch the opponent. Multiple fists can also be created.
  • Guard Shadow: User uses his shadow to create a shadow dome that protects him from attacks.
  • Shadow Orochi: User shapes his shadow into multiple snakes to attack and bite his opponent. Erza said himself that the snakes will chase his opponent to the ends of the world but may not be true as Natsu destroyed them all.
  • Shadow Pull: User creates a shadow in the shape of a giant hand that when it reaches the target it pulls it into the ground.
  • Shadow Blush: It is a quicken spell that utilizes a form of teleportation in which the user appears and disappears through shadowy-grey-like, dust-like particles.
  • Shadow SeaWeed: A type of Magic in which the caster materializes and extends his or her shadow in the form of a highly adhesive seaweed along a surface, before merging it with that of the intended target, allowing him or her to grab hold of and manipulate the object in question as he or she desire almost as if it were an extension of themselves.
    1. Flying Horsefish Shadow Barrage: A type of Magic in which Manito materializes and personifies his shadow into two different Flying Horsefish-shaped shadows.
    2. Shadow Transfer: A type of Magic in which Manito follows up from the attachment of the Shadow Seaweedinto either transferring the chosen object into Manito's secret storage by falling through the shadow or making his opponent fall through the shadow to teleport them to the closest deep water source, and in ¾ second, the opponent returns wet, confuse
    3. Shadow Snare: Alex summons shadows from his body and ensnares his opponent with them. The shadows are durable enough to completely restrain the likes of Erza  and even Gildarts (two S-Class Mages of the guild Black Void). However in order to maintain this Alex must have continued connection with his shadows, and the shadows can be gripped by outside forces.