Property Magic



Bukken Mahō


Caster Magic



Property Magic (物件魔法, Bukken Mahō) is a powerful Caster Magic.


With this Magic, the user is able to change the properties of matter, making things harder and stronger to have a sturdier protective defense or simply making objects around them weaker by causing said object to become brittle by breaking it down into a gas or liquid.  When using this magic, the user is able to absorb the an opponent's Magic, convert it into another state of matter, and release it in almost any form under their control. For example, if an opponent attacks the user utilizing a water attack, which is in a liquid state, they are able to absorb it, convert it into something such as gas, or even a solid and redirect. Utilizing this magic, the user has the uncanny ability to transform gases into solid, bypassing the liquid state completely. Users of Property Magic are able to make metal stretch and rubber break as though it were glass, defying the normal laws of nature. Through more dangerous means, the user can objects to become corrosive to the touch or even cause objects to becom explosive or combustible, or do the complete opposite of either. However, a drawback to this Magic is that the user is not able to convert Fire Magic or energy-based Magic as they do not have other states of matter.