Negation Magic (否定魔法 Hitei Mahō) is a type of Caster Magic. 

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Negation Magic



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An extremely powerful Magic which allows its user to nullify or prevent different forms of Magic from being used. The effects vary with each spell.


Despite being extremely effective at shutting down all forms of Magic, Negation Magic is not absolute.

  • Celestial Spirit Magic: Negation Magic cannot unsummon Celestial Spirits because it cannot be used to forcibly close Celestial Spirit gates, which are a different kind of supernatural phenomena. However, the magical abilities of the Celestial Spirits themselves are still affected.
  • Dragon Slayer Magic: Dragon Slayers cannot be robbed of their ability to eat their respective elements.


  • Duration: Negation Magic cannot be used to protect an area from magic indefinitely. Spells have a very short duration (usually under ten minutes) before the effect dissipates.
  • Cost: Casting Negation Magic places a great strain on its user. Each spell costs a very large amount of magical power to cast. Tzai is only able to cast one of Silence, Dispel, or Seal Jammer twice a day and Magic Void once a day before becoming completely drained of magical power.
  • Range: Spells are limited to a maximum effective range of 100 meters. Silence is limited to hearing range.
  • Immunity: The caster is not immune to the effects brought upon by their own use of Negation Magic. For example, the caster will be initially unable to use magic after casting Negación since they are actually touching the enchanted item.


  • Silence (沈黙 Chinmoku): The user claps his/her hands together. Anyone hearing the clap will be silenced, unable to cast spells which involve vocal incantations. Lasts ten minutes.
  • Dispel (晴らす Harasu): The user puts his/her palm to the ground sending out a pulse of energy in all directions.Any Holder Magic items affected are depowered and rendered useless. Lasts ten minutes. Effective range is 100 meters.

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  • Seal Jammer (シールジャマー Shīru Jamā)(lit. Magic Seal Jammer): The user creates a magic seal in the ground which engulfs the surrounding area, preventing the creation of magic seals. Currently active magic seals will be dispelled and their effects nullified. Lasts ten minutes. Radius 100 meters.
  • Magic Void (魔法がらんどう Mahō Garandō): The user conjures a massive whirling cloud of energy that floats over the surrounding area, nullifying all forms of magic and preventing magic from being used for the duration of the cloud. Lasts one minute. Radius 100 meters.
  • Negación (ネガシオンNegashion; Spanish for "Negation"): The caster enchants an object with magic, causing it to become immune to magic and disabling anyone from using magic while they are in contact with the object. Lasts ten minutes. The caster must make physical contact with the object in order to enchant it.