Impact Magic(衝撃の魔法, Shōgeki no Mahō) is a type of Caster magic that allows the user to release powerful shockwaves as a defensive or offensive counter-measurements. These shock waves are called Impact Waves.

Impact Magic



Shōgeki no Mahō


Caster Magic




A simple but mighty magic that giver the user the ability to release energy in the form of Impact Waves. These shock waves can be used for defensive purposes, such as deflecting magic spells or physical attacks by casting the Impact Wave in front of the attack, lessening the blow. As offensive means, Impact waves can only be used for close-quarter combat, increasing the momentum and strength of the users physical attacks. The main difference between ordinary shock waves and Impact Magic, is the fact that Impact Waves collide with the target (be it for defensive or offensive means) as an actual collision. The energy is compressed to the point where it becomes semi-solid and then released to strike the opponent as an impact, hence the name. The Panthera 4 have made excellent use of this magic, using it to increase their martial art techniques as well as their Finger Jab maneuver.


  • Circle (円陣, Enjin): The user casts a shockwave in front of them as a circle. The spell is executed by stretching out their arms and having their palms face the target. This spell is useful for deflection frontal attacks and attacking a frontal opponents for high damage. A small disadvantage of the spell is, that the spell gives back noticeable recoil, pushing the user back a small distance.
  • Sphere (球体, Kyūtai): A slightly more complicated spell, that casts a shockwave all around the user. This spell requires some concentration is, however, useful for deflecting numerous attacks from different directions. Another usage possibility, is to break the ground beneath the user.
  • Wrath of the Red King (赤王の怒り, Aka-Ō no Ikari): The ultimate Impact Magic spell. Discovered by Tywin, after taking 10 years to perfect the spell, the user stretches out their arms, one above the other. A lethal shockwave is then charged and compressed between the hands, then unleashed upon the opponent, resulting in excruciating pain. The shockwave then implodes inside the target, adding for more pain and lethal, internal damage. This spell requires an incredible amount of magical power, leaving the user exhausted after usage. In exchange for this, the results of this spell are devastating upon the target, capable of killing an average individual on the first hit.