Generation Magic (世代別マジック Sedai Mahō) is a form of Chaos Arts utilized by Ten'jin Takashi. It is an Unorthodox Magic achieved through "pain of solitude." It is aso one of the few Chaos Arts that is not considered a Lost Magic, due to how recent the concept of using this magic is. 

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Unlike its counterpart, Emanation, Generation Magic gives more form to its spells. Generation Magic spells are cast by focusing æther in a way that it takes a physical essence, appearing like pure energy. From there, the energy can take on a variety of functions. With spells like Hyperion or Asteria, it can be used for offensive assaults. In cases such as Astraeus or Discordia, it can be used as a supplement where it enhances Atrax's attributes. Or in a case like Takama-ga-hara it can be used to alter the force of gravity with its dense structure before causing destruction.


  • Nyx (ニックス Nikkusu) - The user condenses æther into pure energy with a black color far above the ground. It then rains down like the night sky falling to earth.
  • Discordia (ヂスコーヂア Disuko-dia) -The user amounts energy gathered from æther around his fists and feet in order to increase the power of his melee attacks.
  • Astraeus (アストラエウス Asutoraeusu) - The user uses æther to transform his own body into pure energy, making himself intangible for a short period of time. However, during that time, the user cannot interact with the physical, as well, the longer the user attempts to keep it active, the more magic power is drained. The intangibility is only shown to work against solid forces; attacks involving non-solid elements (such as those of fire, lightning, etc.) can distort the energy body and cause damage.
  • Asteria (アステリャ Asuteria) - The user concentrates æther in the form of several bright spheres of pure energy and rains them down upon the earth like meteors. He is also capable of firing them directly at his opponents from his magic circle, or combining the spheres into one large one and cause it to explode, like a model supernova
  • Hyperion (ヒペリオン Hiperion) - The user concentrates æther into both hands, then, bringing his hands together, releases that pure energy in the form of a giant arrow.
  • Coeus (コエウス Koeusu) - The user intensifies æther over a certain field subjugating anyone or anything in the field to a maelstrom of downward forces making it appear like gravity had intensified immensely.