Gates of Roma (in Italian Porte di Roma) is a extremely powerful type of Lost Magic and Forbidden Magic used by Masahiro Zalenkaton it calls upon the Forbidden and hidden weapons of the lost ages including the "Xanadu Dragon-Bane" or many other types. 

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This Magic allows users to store the weapons of hidden lost world which include dangerous weapons or monsters of magical myth. Masahiro stated that there is has barely limit to how much the pocket dimension can store and is extremely deadly unless you got a keen mind you will be overtaken by the power.

When activated, he can wave his hand over the air, as burst of flames which materialization of the flames takes the shape of the said weapon, or an large ball of flames which takes the shape a monster who will serve him in the normal world.

Its currently known if the realm is a pocket dimension or giant underground vault under the crust of the earth-land who knows, there is a monster within this giant realm which it carries hundreds of blades all around the field on the ground covered in flames within the ashes of the flames there is a giant flame monster known as the Keeper which both guards this realm and can be called upon to be summoned by it's Master Masahiro.


The Realm of Roma

When an foe is dragged into the realm itself, ]When an foe is dragged into the realm itself, Once the incantations have been completed, an illusionary fire that doesn't emit any heat spreads out to form a boundary and wall for the bounded field.

The bright light fills the vision of those present, and manifests an open, barren desert with monolithic black gears gyrating in the distance. It is a kingdom of rubble littered with countless magical, tools, monsters and weapons claiming it to be a relic of the old world kingdom before zeref.

This type of Holder magic can both summon forth beings or weapons to fight for the user however it unclear what it can do, main Masahiro don't use this form of magic useless summoning a single weapon or if he has no choose but to use it in battle.

The swords all around the wasteland having magical and non-magic weapons alike, in the grounds as flames burn in the sky, as there is an golden temple around the center which carries a hidden weapon hidden by Masahiro Ketsueki. himself since he believes it should be it's light alone can burn the heavens and force that can shatter souls.

Spells and EquipmentEditEdit

  • Porte di Roma Reclaimed - When casts this spear the area of him and his foe forms a magical seal around them as the vanish from sight and appear within the area known as "Roma", which weapons are scatter everywhere can be used by both enemy and the caster, only after speaking the chant.

"From this day till the end of nights,

My heart beats as one with my sword,

The hate burn to ash in my heart and love of my heart, edge of my blade and spine,

the everlasting flame of hatred and war into steel and metal us by war,

In the Oaths of this world turn ablaze,

Now rise as his everlasting flame burst into steel and burn us by war.

We dance in immortal flames of battle as we are re-taken and judged by our very souls, immortal flame now it turns to sorrow.

Awaken Porte di Roma, Reclaimed."

  • Siegfried - The Blade of Everlasting Revolution: - This is a weapon forged during the war between during the past in Kageki and Fuyu by the lord Kaien, who battled the lord of Baal said to be able to rival the Claretna used by Yumiko.

The most powerful blade ever made but all the same its has a magical power known as Elemetal Slash which is a type of magical power that copies the energy of an Elemental the blade appears in the shape of a Clay-more.

Winds of Change: - When using the Siegfried blade, the user can summon forth an ghostly spiritual winds from the sword as it has the skin of the enemies melting away the skins of the enemy, and leads to death.

  • Xanadu Dragon-Bane This Spear was made when man first fought dragons, the spear itself is extremely powerful when thrown it turns into a thunder bolt, which travels at speed of sound when launched however when throw it burns the wrist of the User.
  • The Keeper of Roma This massive beast of terror guards, this place is an enormous, heavily-armored, and physically powerful creature that with flames dripping off it, it was said that it was a offspring of a giant and a dragon was trapped within the gates of Roma as it protector.

It has been said that those who dare step foot in this realm without having the promise of the keeper will be destroyed, it is unknown if the beast knows any magical powers or not yet, it's also been said this beast has utter control over flames.

  • Magical Beast Wabajara - Magic Eater - This is a strange demon like monster summoned out of a Buddha style idol, when released this beast stands in it's normal state as about 8'10 and very powerful physically power along with the power to shape change itself on demand making it very hard to defeat.

This monster has the power of eating solid magic, this includes Make-Fire Flame Ball, Dragon slayer roars and other types of magic, however the beast itself is unable to eat attacks made from holder magic users since they are not pure magic.

  • Chains of Babylon - The chains are the weapons that embodies the souls, with those who were killed during the battle of Babylon who cursed in the legends say they "Cursed the Roman gods for this torment." if you believe such things. It also appears the chains when summon can flies out towards an enemy and stabs into the foes or wrap around them.

The chains itself also has a magical sealing power that can bind there enemy to the point they can barely move, the weight of the magical force alone seems to keep a powerful mage like Fuyu Ketsueki or Shiro Yoshimitsu when asmodeus was rampaging in the city, barely was able to break out however was dealing with heavy bleeding from this.

  • Alexandria's Bow - It's craftsmanship has no equal in all of Italy, the takes the shape of a longbow which seems to be able to fire up to three arrows at a time instead of one. From arrows to even swords however, the impact alone from a single blast explodes in flames all around the area.
  • Sky Scatter Sword - The sword which said to be as light-weight as a feather as it would be able to swing from a far away using the wind itself to slice a wall of a building. When launched by the bow, shoot out as it would flies into the ground which was said to scar in a way like a drill.
  • Alice the Hell-fire Angel and Lyra the Succubus Knight - Alice is a demon made angel that has flaming hair, as two angel wings in a burst of a inferno with golden armor along her body she appears to have many things including fire magic and etc.

Lyra on the other hand is an succubus turned into a knight after tainted with dark demonic armor with a great-sword in hand, she made the packed with the guild master to protect the golden temple in the center of it which holds the ultimate weapon of the guild master.

  • Kōri no Hana (氷の花, "Flower of Ice") - This sword from 500 years in the past is shaped as a Japanese tradition style katana with metal folded up as the hilt guard, the shining blue metal along it was said to be made with the blood of an winter dragon mixed with metal.

This is one of his two most powerful weapons sealed within the golden temple along with Oblivion, saying it quick enough that the blade is able to slice wind itself sending the shock-wave of the slash in it's path and controls the endless winters of old world.

It's also been said that, this sword surpasses Yumiko's clarentna sword, due to it's power and speed leaving it unmatched due to its appear his striking multiple enemies using the draw-and-sheath sword style, while to the naked eye, it appears as if he never move at all.

Daiyamondo shinkirō (ダイヤモンドミラージュ, Diamond Mirage) - His trademark attack in the past, that the ice it lets out of the blade is an blue color shaped crystals, along it floating around the blade itself having it white aura form around into a single strike. It than releases sending a burst of pure white energy color that upon touching whatever it touches soon, leaves a diamond shine to it before they notices they are freezing to death within moments.

Kurogane Tsukuyomi (黒鋼 月読, "Black Steel Moon Goddess"): - Her blackness crystal, of ice turns pitch-black as he than swings water downwards, as then having water pushes onto his enemies body soon after the crystallized pitch-black ice forms, it than after impact begins to spread till it covers his body from head to toe.

Masahiro said that the reason behind this ice being pitch-black is due to the tiny bits of iron and steel mixed into the ice mixed along frozen in a solid shape however this attack is used to restrict the movements of an opponent leaving them to slowly die well trapped in the black ice.

Ryūsenka (竜霰花, Dragon Hail Flower): - His ultimate trump card, the Ryusenka, it begins by focusing his magic to the point it mix both his magical energy and the sword itself it forms into a large spiritual aura in a shaped of an shape Chinese dragon spirit rushes out towards his enemy made out of the crystallized ice floating around him.

Than he goes for a single slash, into the chest of the enemy which sends a image of a dragon's mouth lunging at an enemy, in reality, when slicing in a manner which appears to send insanely high-speed shards of diamond harden, ice into his enemy like hundred little ice shard like blades ripping into there flesh tearing it apart like a hot knife in butter.

  • Oblivion (オーブリビオン, Ouburibion) - This sword, Oblivion was forged along with the Chains of Babylon, fusing an legendary crystal inside of it that appears inside this blade, as masahiro calls it "Raw power itself".

While it has a grip, hand-guard, and is the same length as a long-sword, the section that should contain a blade deviates from the normal form of an edged weapon.

The "blade" itself and the tip of the sword, spun in a spiral shape, are dull. It has the shape of a cylindrical, drill-shaped pillar made up of three independently rotating segments engraved with crimson red color cuneiform lettering that spin slowly in alternating direction like querns, the middle segment spinning clockwise and the top and bottom segments spinning counter-clockwise.

Masahiro considers it his greatest, most powerful and most trusted treasure next to Chains of Babylon, only using it against those he deems worthy of facing it, since in doing so it's also claim that this sword was one of the first recorded magical weapons founded. While he uses it against Fuyu simply for the fun of showing off his treasure, he claims that he does not want to sully the sword against a weak low-life for when he uses it against those he truly recognizes as fitting.

Infinite Zero Twister: (Inpinaitu Zero Towisutaa, インピナイツ ゼロ トヰスター) - signifies the state under which it releases about 83% close to maximum output. Upon activation unleashes a massive storm of dark energy out of the sword. This black twister, seems to overwhelm the fire-god slayer fuyu and sends the energy of the flames back at the user.

Star Breaker Law: 01, Key of the Heavenly's Laws: (Suta-Bureeikaa Ra: 01, Ki Oufu Su Hibenri'su Rasu, スター ブレエーカー ラ: 01 キ オーフ ス ヒベンリ ス ラス) - signifies the state under which it releases maximum output. Upon activation, the tri-blade segments of Oblivion gradually begin to rotate faster with each revolution, acting in concert with the movement of the Heavens. As they begin rotating rapidly charging the enemy, each creaking with weight and power equivalent to tectonic movement, into a single blast wave of pure energy.

The path of the blast leaves an dazzling light only continues to grow as it continues to complete the destruction, destroying up to 10 miles afterwards the sword itself reverts from spinning, as it appears he can only use this spell once every four hours, since it needs time to cool-down and the toil on the user's arm if used again.

It might risk being in dangerous from the rotation and magical output, spinning in such a force in some cases has a chance of breaking the users bone on his right arm. Another fact about this weapon is if it's used by an non-S ranked mage or higher it might be fatal for others since the large withdraw effect from blast however, it appears masahiro can use this attack without limitations.