Emanation Magic (発散マジック Hassan Mahō) is a form of Chaos Arts. It is a Lost Unorthodox Magic attained through "pain of solitude." 

Emanation Magic



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Users Orochi Smith


Emanation Magic is known as the "magic by which æther, the fifth essence of the universe, flows," in reference to how æther's natural form is air that cannot be breathed by mortals (which is no actual air at all, a "void"). By using this magic, Dante can emit æther in its most natural form causing air space or matter to split and eliminate natural forces. As well, the techniques aren't just limited to the physical, as Dante has shown, while using Invidia, he can create "voids" in an enemy's use of magic, though this is temporary. As a supplement, Dante can eliminate the adverse effects of the earth's natural forces upon himself in order to move more freely, the concept being used in Invidia as æther flows from Dante's eyes being the source, to void him of the limits created by outside forces. This magic is also able to allow Dante to absorb æther from around him, to a small extent, to gradually accelerate healing and magic restoration. This magic also allows him to teleport and make his own Dimensions, similar to Territory. 


  • Erebus (エレブス Erebusu) - Orochi amasses æther in a single point. It then creates an anti-gravity field where anything within it is forced to be lifted towards it. As this happens, the æther terminates matter at the point where it is present, taking the form of a ominous sphere of black light, which annhilates anything that it touches.
  • Somnus (ソムヌス Somunusu) - Orochi creates a tune that echoes loudly in the air. The sound and vibrations of the tune disrupt the aerial field through æther, thus making it so if the vibrations reach a target, no matter what way it reaches the target's body, the æther would cause the air particles to gap out within the target, thus reducing consciousness and placing them in a state of sleep.
  • Rhea (リ Ri) - Orochi creates a field of æther around himself, which causes a splitting void effect. The field shreds apart any non-living object that crosses its parameters, while forcively repelling living objects that try to cross.
  • Ophion (オーピオン Oupion) - Orochi bends æther causing the air space to gap. This, thus creates several vacuums in the air that can shred his opponent like several blades.
  • Invidia (インビヂア Inbidia) - Orochi manipulates his magic energy and turns his eyes into an additional medium through which æther can flow, thus enhancing his speed, power, and perception. Dante can use this spell in order to utilize sight as a way of manipulating the scalar quintessent field and lower his opponent's internal energy supply, temporarily disabling their ability to use magic.
  • Aether (イーサー Īsā) - Orochi brings forth æther to rapidly expand air particles. This will cause an opponent to have difficulty breathing. As well, due to the decrease in the scalar pressure of the air, all forms of matter held together by that pressure (which includes living bodies) will break apart.
  • Melpomene (メルポミーン Merupomiin) - Orochi uses æther to create a gap in matter, via a barrier, in order to capture forms of magic energy and redirect it, or even absorb it (However, Orochi can only absorb a small amount of even that which he captures). The same technique can be applied to an opponent, by forming the barrier around the opponents body and pulling out their magic reserves, causing extensive damage. The spell is limited to a certain amount of space and thus cannot capture spells of a certain amount of magic power, however this does not apply to a mage's body as the spell can continuously pull magic from a mage.