Damned Soul

呪魂 (ダムドソウル)


Damudo Sōru


Caster Magic Take Over



Damned Soul (呪魂 (ダムドソウル, Damudo Sōru) is a Caster Magic and a form of Take Over that allows the user to take the form of different types of demonic creatures and as well as transform their body partially or entirely into that of these creatures.



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Unlike a normal Take Over, which takes in the exact replication or body of anything the user touches, this style of magic can actually take in Demon Particles of other demons, adding them to the ones that they have inside of their systems, and creating a new form that they themselves are only able to use in combat. Depending on how the demon particles are in the user's body, their Take Overs can often have multiple attacks and abilities as well. When in their Take Over's, the power of their spells are said to be nearly twice as strong as any other Take Over Form known, on par with the styles of Satan Soul itself. However, despite the incredible usages of this magic, it has been shown that there are several weaknesses to it as well. The first one is that in order for it to be used, the user must have Demon Particles in their systems already, otherwise no normal mage can ever use this magic. The second weakness is that only one user can have one Take Over spell, making it impossible for them to try and Take Over demons, especially those created by the Dark Mage, Zeref. The last weakness to this is that the user cannot stay in their forms for long, else they themselves will be lost to the demon they are using, especially if they go full Take Over.