Cloud Magic (雲魔法, Kumo Mahō) is a Caster Magic utilized by Ryuga of the Guild Yggdrasil. It has a child Magic known as Weather Magic

Cloud Magic



Caster Magic




Ryūga utilizes Eternano to produce several different fronts of air allowing the formation and creation of clouds. Sun Wukong can mold the form and density of the cloud to his liking. This allows him to perform tasks such as creating a device to move on, crafting varous objects out of clouds, or even expand a cloud within a target's lungs to suffocate them. By crafting a specific form of cloud, Ryuga is able to control the weather, creating rain or lightning with seemingly no difficulty at all. It should be noted, that the clouds crafted by Ryuga are not as easily dissipated as those found in the natural sky, as these false clouds are reinforced with his Magical Energy, giving them a consistancy similar to that of a mountain.


Nimbus: Gathering a cloud beneath his feet, Ryūga will begin to raise himself high into the air and utilize it as a method of moving around. The cloud itself can change in size and is capable of moving at incredible speeds, even while carrying other occupants.

Playful Cloud Child (雲子遊び, Asob​i Unko): Ryūga will manifest and release a large plume of clouds out into the area engulfing the entire field. The cloud masks him from sight, mimicking his own Magical Energy signature, making it impossible to track Ryūga from within. He will then await for the opponent to breathe in the clouds surrounding them and once completed, he will cause the cloud to expand, asphyxiating them.


Dancing Cloud Child

Dancing Cloud Child (雲子踊り, Odori Unko): By crafting a series of storm clouds in the area, Ryūga can release a large burst of lightning from within these clouds, creating an absolutely devastating Spell to whoever may encounter it. Much like Jouki Bakuryuu, Ryūga cannot control this burst of lightning, due to it being a naturally forming occurrence that he is simply maniplating. 

Performing Cloud Child (雲子実行, Jikkō​ Unko): A stronger form of the Dancing Cloud Child Spell, Ryūga envelops the target in the clouds, trapping them. Once they have been completely submerged in the clouds, the lightning will shock the opponent until they can escape from the labyrinth of clouds that he has created. Escaping, however, is no easy task as Ryūga can easily keep adding more and more to the labryrinth, locking the target inside for what seems like eternity.

Steam Burst Dragon

Steam Burst Dragon (:蒸気ブーン龍, Jouki Bakuryuu): Manipulating existing Storm Clouds that he has already created, Ryūga will gather them and forge them into a large dragon-shaped being by manipulating the pressure caused by the clashing moisture and heat located within, allowing it to mold into its new form. Aiming the dragon at his opponent, he will open it's mouth and release a burst of lightning stored from within the pre-existing clouds. Ryūga cannot control this burst of lightning as it is a natural occurrence. He can also use this technique to crash the large cloud-forged dragon into his opponent at full force and due to the nature of his Cloud Magic results in the target feeling as though several mountains are striking them all at once. 

Advanced SpellsEditEdit

Stray Cloud Path (浮遊雲経路 Fuyū Kumo Keiro): An advanced Cloud Magic spell that affects Ryuga directly. Upon activation, clouds begin to form around his body in a cylinder shape, before dispersing into the sky. Following this, Ryuga's new form is revealed as he is shown to now be semi-transparent and possess a spirit-esque quality about him due to his physcal form now being replaced with that of one made from his clouds. While in this form, physical attacks deal no damage to him, as the attack merely passes through his body. BothWater Magic and Wind Magic spells are absorbed by Ryuga as they make up clouds in general. In order to assault opponents, Ryuga is free to change the composition of his body in order to turn solid to perform a physical attack. In this form, Ryuga is able to free utilize Weather Magic spells to plague his target without the needed charge time when in his normal form. However, this spell is heavily taxing on Ryuga's Magical Energy reserves, causing him to only be able to maintain the form for a maximum of five minutes. Also, when turning solid, if the opponent can time it right they will be able to land a physical attack as Ryuga is momentarily defenseless and can be injured if something were to enter his body during his form shift.