Blast Magic(爆風魔法, Bakufū Mahō) Is a Caster Magic that shows to allow the user to create an explosion that targets a specific area that they channel their Eternano into, resulting in a chain reaction that explodes in that area.

Blast Magic
Blast Magic



Bakufū Mahō


Caster Magic


Don Alexander


To use and activate this magic, the caster is shown to start glowing their magical aura, focusing it as it begins to surge as the user then focuses it through their hand to trigger the effects. The user sends out small traces of their augmented Eternano that shows to have an opposite wavelength to any kind of area around their target, causing a unique chain reaction with the user's Eternano, and triggers an explosion to the area. The power and strength depends on how much Eternano the user pours into the spot, and can often be shown to actually be used in a delay form like a landmine if anyone puts pressure on it. However, the weakness to this magic is that it can only be used on one individual spot at a time when using two arms, meaning the user cannot create multiple explosions at one point.