Bacteria Magic (細菌魔法, "Saikin Mahō") also known asDisease Magic (病気魔法 "Byōki Mahō") is relatively unknown, yet dangerous Caster Magic.

Bacteria Magic



Saikin Mahō


Caster Magic


Kaguya Nagare


By first manipulating one's own Eternano and infusing it into the loose microbes in the air, the user is able to gain control over any bacteria in the air and can manipulate it to their will. Activating Bacteria Magic in this fashion is simple and quick, although its destructive power is relatively diminished.

On the other hand, by manipulating the bacteria already found in their body, or the body of their target, the user is able to cause the bacteria to mutate and multiply into something far more sinister and deadly. This activation is far more powerful as it allows the user to attack the opponent from within their own body, however, physical contact must first be established for this to work; and this method quickly drains both the user's physical and magical energy reserves. 

Upon either activation method, the user is able to manipulate pre-existing bacteria, or form new ones, in order to either create ailments to plague their opponent or create beneficial bacteria in order to assist their allies. Utilizing this Magic allows the user to control diseases as though they were troops in an army. By doing so, the user is able to control the severity, contaigousness, and even the rate of speed at which the disease is spread. The user is also able to control what organisms will carry and spread the disease that has been created, causing small creatures and even the opponent's own clothing to become carriers of the new disease, infecting multiple targets at a time.

Defensively, it should come as to know surprise that users of this Magic have a relative immunity to Poison-Based Magic. This is due to the user being able to create various anti-bodies by mutating the bacteria within in their bodies in order to fight off any foreign invaders. The user is also able to transfer these anti-bodies to those of his choosing, however, whether or not the host's body will reject the new anti-bodies is out of their control.