Air Magic (空気魔法 Kūki Mahō) is a Caster Type Magic that utilizes the element of air.

Air Magic
Air Magic



Kūki Mahō


Caster Magic



DescriptionEdit Edit

A Magic which gives its user the ability to manipulate the air around him and use it as a weapon, such as making it explode or lowering the oxygen level on a certain location. The air can also be manipulated in simple ways as using it to levitate or maintaining a giant airship, such as the Magic Bomber - Christina, in the air after being heavily damaged, however, this seemingly consumes a lot of Magic power.

Like other elemental types of Magic, some users can also transform their bodies into this element. The only characters seen to be able to do this are Aria, Chloe Tombs andMystogan by turning their bodies into air to negate both physical and Magical attacks or to teleport to another location.

This Magic has variations such as Airspace and Wind Magic.

SpellsEdit Edit

Aria's SpellsEdit Edit

  • Aerial: User creates a dome in which the oxygen inside it is lowered. The target inside said dome suffocates because of the lack of oxygen in the environment and their ears hurt due to the change in pressure.
  • Aerial Shot: User swipes her hand and levitates rocks in the area, which are then shot at the target.
  • Aerial Levitation: User creates a soft whirlwind under the target, which allows them to descend slowly.


  • Mist Body: User transform her body into mist that can move around freely at high speed and teleport. While in this state, all physical and Magical attacks are negated.


  • Air Force (空気力 Kūki Ryoku): Aria can use air to make things move as she wants them too, so far she apears to be able to use it for lifting and moving objects twice her size


  • Aerial Burial (風葬 Fūsō) a technique created using Air Magic as a base. By manipulating the surrounding air currents in such a way with his magical power, she causes them to rotate at massive speeds, creating an extremely dense sphere of wind which blocks off any oxygen from the outside, and makes it very difficult to break from the inside. It should be noted however, it's impossible to keep this spell active for long periods of time, due to it being taxing on his reserves and she cannot move while using this spell.